Monday, 14 June 2010

From Russia with love...

I was lucky enough to bag an appointment recently with the exceptionally talented manicurist, Tanya Grach. Now based in St John’s Wood, the award-winning tech underwent extensive beauty training in her native country of Russia before moving to Manhattan and servicing the notoriously hard to please women of New York.

Now, with over twenty years’ experience, her nail skills are quite phenomenal. 

Don’t let the ordinary-looking salon she works from fool you – Tanya meticulously trims away excess skin at the cuticles, files the nails into a natural shape and paints each one so perfectly close to the cuticle I found it quite hard to believe.

Her manicures are a steal at £30 while she charges £40 for pedicures. Go and see her now before she moves to a high-end salon and doubles her prices.

Tanya Grach is at Body and Soul, Cochrane Street, St John’s Wood Tel: 0207 722 8086 


  1. That colour looks stunning - who is it by?

  2. It's Jade Is The New Black by OPI - it's even more amazing in the flesh! x