Thursday, 10 June 2010

Why every girl needs the big 'O'

I was invited to the Pavilion suite at the Dorchester hotel this morning for a top-secret product launch from hair tools newbie Cloud Nine. And after meeting the brains behind the brand (who incidentally also invented the original ghd iron 13 years' ago), I soon discovered that the company has single-handedly revolutionised heated rollers. Forever.

Everyone loves a gadget and Cloud Nine's The O is essentially the iPhone of the hair world. Its small bucket-shaped pod heats up individual rollers to 130 degrees in under four seconds. You simply switch the device on, drop one roller in and wait until it beeps. 

Because of new technology that heats them from the inside, the rollers won’t burn your fingers or head. And if you put your hand inside the pod, it isn't hot either - making it incredibly safe. Even better, each roller is covered in soft grip material - a step on from velcro - so it can sit in the hair comfortably without any pins. But best of all, using them on your own hair is incredibly easy.

Although we've all come around to the fact that you can create curls and waves with irons, there's no way of copying Bridget Bardot with a pair of ghds, no matter how hard you try. And that's where The O comes in. It is a must-have grooming gadget for anyone that loves big, bouncy hair or wants to recreate a professional blow-dry at home.

Rollers for The O are sold separately and are available in five sizes so you can create any look - from volume to waves and curls – that your heart desires.

I think I’m in love.

The O costs £149 and packs of four rollers start from £16.99

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