Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bored games

A new survey has claimed that two thirds of British women are ‘completely bored’ with their lives. And, out of all the changes they could make, the 3,000 women questioned ranked ‘getting a dramatic hair cut’ as number five in their top 10 list of ‘things they wish they could do’.

Now, as someone who is always thinking about which hairstyle I’m going to ask my hairdresser for next, I urge these women to book an appointment with the best stylist they can afford. Pronto.   

The survey, conducted by salad firm Florette, found that many women get fed up with the monotonous cycle of everyday life, have a inadequate social life, wish they could take more holidays, dream of packing their bags and emigrating – or all of the above.

Take it from me: a dramatic new hairstyle is a relatively cheap and very effective pathway to instant gratification. And if you find the right stylist, it can be an ongoing route to an empire state of mind. 

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